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Phenomix is a new company that is focused
on the scientific support in the development of new biological drugs,
on new diagnostics technique based on nanotechnology,
on quality controls at industrial level,
on expert systems for the interpretation of complex diagnostics based on microarray.

What We Do

Phenomix consulting and technical support for scientific activities.

For a Canadian/French/Swiss company for the study of the mechanism of action of biological drugs and for the development of new drugs (or food additive) based on probiotics.

Is active with an Italian pharma company for the development of quality controls of biological drugs at industrial level.

Is active with an Italian/other countries industry for the development of diagnostics tools for rapid medical diagnosis based on micro and nano-techniques.

Is active with an Italian company for the use of Allergenius 2.0, an expert system for the interpretation of results of the allergic profile obtained from ALEX, a IVD produced by MADx, Wien.

An agreement is active with an Austrian company for the development of artificial intelligence tools for the management of allergic patients.


Phenomix, at present, has the expertise for supporting research and development programs for pharma or IVD industries. This support includes the basic technologies, the specific methodologies, the quality control strategies and the interpretation tools.

What we do

Expert Systems

Expert systems for the support of medical diagnosis remains in the aims of Phenomix that is also involved in other activities:

  • AllerGenius, the expert system for the interpretation of extended IgE profiles
  • Allerdiet, the expert system for the preparation of diets in patients with food allergy
  • AntibioGenius, the expert system for the interpretation of results of the in vitro assays for evaluation of the microbial susceptibility to antibiotics
  • COLDGenius, an expert system for the screening of chronic obstructive lung disease, based on a validated tool (Braido et al., Int J COPD, 2018).


Phenomix has recently developed the new version of Allergenius, the expert system that was firstly published in 2014.
The first version of Allergenius was built for the interpretation of ImmunoCAP ISAC, the Thermofisher allergens microarray containing 112 components, that significantly improved the Molecular Based Allergy Diagnostics (MAD) more than 10 years ago. When in 2017, MADx, an Austrian company, developed ALEX, Phenomix developed the Allergenius version for ALEX.
ALEX is characterized by the presence of 282 allergens (of which, 157 are allergen extracts and 125 are molecular components) and it is suitable for the description of an extended IgE profile, including inhalants, food, hymenoptera venoms and latex. ALEX excellent features have been recently validated in real life (Heffler et al, WAOJ, 2018).
The presence of both allergens and relevant component onto the same chip allows for example, the immediate identification of genuine sensitizations and of the presence of IgE specific for potentially dangerous components. By the use of specific algorithm, Allergenius suggests the use of specific Allergen ImmunoTherapy (AIT, the so called vaccine for allergies) on the basis of the patient’s IgE profile.

Why expert system in medicine ?

A molecular allergy diagnosis based on microarray technology may sometimes be a complex task due to the large number of results available, the relationships between the components and the rules that govern virtually every single component. For this reason, a computer-assisted tool based on data from the literature, international guidelines and experts’ opinion may play a significant role, particularly in countries where these molecular tools are only recently available.

Melioli WAOJ 2014 Page 1 of 4

"Expert systems are a part of the artificial intelligence (AI) world; however, because they belong to the knowledge-based systems, ESs are not considered auto-learning tools. They are intended to act as human experts consulted to obtain advice, suggestions and recommendations on problems that fall within the experts’ knowledge. Thus, during the development of an ES, the external consultants indicate both the objects that are involved and the rules that govern these objects."

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The strengths of this approach are numerous. In general, ESs are characterized by:

  • the consistency and traceability of the results compared to an individual’s interpretation;
  • the productivity gains (less expensive than an expert);
  • the performance gains (quicker than humans);
  • the availability of the solution (can be available anytime, anywhere).

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As Allergenius is an ES written by MDs for MDs, special attention was given to the construction of the report. For example, the above-mentioned level of detail can be defined by the user. Thus, experts will not be obliged to read that Der p 1 is a cysteine protease or that Dermatophagoides pt. belongs to the Pyroglyphidae family, and novices will not be confused by too much data. If needed, further information is available using a dedicated hypertext link.

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